”Brandel and everyone else on the planet seems to forget that Tiger was under hypnosis during his dominant era. It’s well documented that Earl [Tiger’s father] and Dr. Jay Brunza used mind control on Tiger as a Jr golfer.”

Rob Samson commenting on Geoff Shackelford’s blog, ”Johnny And Brandel Chime In On Tiger’s Coaching Move”. And I have to assume that the ”move” refers to Tiger moving away from Sean Foley since there is no mention but lots of speculation as to whom Tiger may chose.

Go Solo

Brandel who frequently has some harsh words to say about Tiger should be heeded when he says, ”Who should be his next coach is likely the difference between him breaking Jack’s major record or not and because of what he means to golf, that decision means a lot to the game. This is all precisely why I hope his next teacher’s name is Tiger.”
The idea that Tiger should go solo and not rely on yet another swing coach has some backing by none-other than two of his previous swing coaches. However the guy does need some help, but from what direction? Physical, mental or maybe hypnosis?

Hypnosis, astrology and other way out ideas

For the vast majority of people a suggestion that they should resort to using hypnosis is akin to telling them to turn to an astrologer for assistance. And given this scenario and the need to keep it a secret perhaps it explains why so little in recent times has been written about Tiger’s early successes attributed to help from hypnosis facilitated by Dr Jay Brunza.

The Doctor/Patient Protocol

It’s said that the lack of details on Tiger’s work with Dr Brunza is due to the fact that any information supplied by Dr Brunza would be an infringement of the Doctor/Patient protocol. However there is one source worthy of consideration and credibility.

Think Like Tiger
John Andrisani in his book, Think Like Tiger, writes, ”I first heard about the ”doctor” when reading an article that appeared in USA Weekend, July 24-26, 1992, when Brunza was quoted as saying: ”Tiger is so advanced mentally, it’s scary. I did some sports psychology with athletes at the (U.S.) Naval Academy where we worked on things like ways to focus attention, and Tiger is far ahead of anything I’ve ever seen.”

Just gimme the facts
The facts are few and far between however it is accepted fact that Dr Brunza was brought on board Tiger’s team at an early stage. And that Dr Brunza caddied for Tiger well over thirty times during Tiger’s winning streak in the amateur ranks. Also according to Andrisani, ”Tiger won the U.S. Amateur that year [1996], but Brunza was let go.”
Nevertheless Dr Brunza is still a Board Member on the Tiger Woods Foundation Inc. so there is help close to hand should Tiger decided to re-use his ability to focus and zero in matters of the mind and not how to make his swing more explosive.


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